Bonita's Page



Bonita graced the Mena clan with her presence in May of 2001. We rescued her from the clutches of the Bridgeport Animal Shelter in Connecticut via She is the proud owner of Mary and Paul. As far as we can tell, Bonita is part Australian Cattle Dog and part Pit Bull.


But why not see for yourself?


Once upon a time there was a sad little dog in the Bridgeport Animal Shelter who went by the name of "Cheyanne"...


Who would have guessed that she would become this vivacious and happy little dog named Bonita?


These are from the now-famous "black-and-white" photo shoot.



These are "action shots" from our snowy backyard.



Bonita having a "ball".



Look what Santa left under the tree!



a truly patriotic dingo.


Her ladyship in royal repose.


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